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Bulk Media

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Project Description

Bulk Media


Synthetic / Polyester: synthetic bulk media shall be 100% non-woven polyester fibers, bonded together with a flame retarding agent which forms a high loft of resilient fibers. Available in either single or multi-ply grade and is dry or treated with a non-toxic, non-migratory, odorless adhesive that is incorporated into the media. Each grade of synthetic media is specifically engineered for a variety of dust loading applications.

Dual-Ply Dustlok Media

Fiberbond Dual-Ply Dustlok provides the performance of extended surface filters in a unique media design.

Distinct Dual Density provides high-dust holding- long service life. The coarse open structure of the white, air entering layer allows true depth loading. The orange, dense, downstream layer effectively stops and traps finer particles.

Dustlok Adhesive is a Fiberbond proprietary chemical formulation that uniformly coats the fibers in the downstream layer during the formation of the media. Dustlok absorbs dust particles into the adhesive, trapping them on the surface of individual fibers. Dustlok will not dry out or migrate. Operating temperatures up to 200°F do not affect performance.

Spor-Ax Antimicrobial is a biocide that effectively controls growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi on filters. Fiberbond filters with Spor-Ax do not support microbial growth. Spor-Ax will not off gas, migrate or leach into the airstream.

Fiberbond ~ Polyester Media ~ Depth Loading: The airlaid principle of Fiberbond media is to randomly disperse fibers in all directions throughout the web. This forms a uniform media of high strength and durability. A high volume of contaminants can be trapped within the complete depth of fiber. ~ FP Series of Tackified Media: The FP 50, FP 100, and FP 200 media have a uniform coating of tackifier on all fibers in the blue air leaving side of the media. Dirt trapped in the media is held tight by the tackifier. The tackifier cannot migrate since it is part of the fiber spray bonding process during manufacturing of the filter media.

Fiberglass: fiberglass bulk air filter media consists of a continuous filament fiberglass of graduated density to ensure depth loading. The air leaving side of the media incorporates a skin backing which supports the media and creates a final filtration stage. All fiberglass media, except for the Paint Arrestor media which is dry, shall be treated with a non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless adhesive.

Carbon Rolls: carbon rolls are made of non-woven polyester, and are impregnated with finely ground activated carbon. This media is ideal for use in non-vented applications such as range hoods, air cleaners, room air-conditioners, or anywhere you are looking to remove odors.

Hog Hair: Media filter made with natural fiber spun into a high loft, depth loading, fiber maze. The fibers are fully bonded together and firmly locked upon a rigid scrim net backing using a special binder. Natural and synthetic available.