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Serving The Northeast For Over 50 Years

AA Air Filters was started and incorporated in NYC in 1965 by Alfred and Dolores Giacovas. The company moved to the Bronx, NY in 1971 and flourished in that location for over forty years. In 2014, an opportunity presented itself to purchase the first commercial building in the companies history. AA Air Filters moved to its present location, a 21,000+ square foot facility, in Mt. Vernon, NY. We are strategically located just 20 minutes north of NYC.


Here are some Frequently Asked Question

Air filters need to be changed on a regular basis to be effective. The manufacturer will recommend the frequency the filter should be replaced, but other factors may warrant a change sooner. Watch for these signs that your furnace filter needs changing:

  • The filter is noticeably gray in color, and you can see dirt and dust built up on the filter media.
  • Your home is dustier than usual.
  • Your heating or cooling system is cycling longer than it usually does.
  • Your current filter has been in use longer than the manufacturer’s recommendation (anywhere from one to six months, depending on your filter)

With a good quality air filter in your system, contaminants in the HVAC equipment as well as in the home will be kept to a minimum. A good quality filter also helps your heating and cooling equipment perform more efficiently.

good quality air filter comes with the following advantages:

  • Installing a good quality air filter into your furnace or air conditioner is essential for your health. The air filter traps and eliminates particles, and other contaminants in your indoor air so you can breathe easier in your home. Not only does an air filter increase your indoor air quality but it prevents damage to your electronics, furnishings, and the structure of your home.
  • A high-quality filter also keeps your heating and cooling system running longer without the risk of breakdowns. A filter keeps your entire unit clean, preventing dust and debris from settling on important components. The cost of repairs will increase when your system is dirty, shortening the lifespan and causing you to install a new before you are ready financially.
  • Not only do you save money on repairs with a quality air filter but you save money on your energy costs. A clean air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or other HVAC system will operate more efficiently, reducing your energy costs over time. Cheap filters have to be replaced more often and don’t eliminate as many pollutants in your home as one that is higher quality.

Furnace filters come in many shapes and sizes so you can find the best solution for your air quality needs that fits your HVAC system. Filters protect delicate system components from airborne contaminants that could cause mechanical failures. By removing these contaminants from your indoor air supply, they also work to improve air quality.

The different types of furnace filters include:


Fiberglass are a cheap and disposable option for your furnace. They catch up to 80% of particles 50 microns and larger and 25% of particles between 3 to 10 microns. Considered minimum protection, fiberglass filters prevent dust and dirt from building up on heat exchangers, fan motors, and other surfaces. The larger particles are trapped and eliminated, so your furnace components remain clean. They allow your system to have maximum airflow but don’t filter harmful contaminants affecting your health.

Polyester Filters

Polyester filters are made using the highest quality materials available and are median-sized. They trap and eliminate 80% to 95% of particles 5 microns or larger. A polyester filter costs more than the average fiberglass filter, but it offers more protection against pollutants that cause health issues.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters use self-charging fibers to attract particles out of your air. You can purchase disposable or washable electrostatic filters depending on the requirements of your furnace. Washable versions offer a MERV rating between 4 and 10 and last considerably longer than the average filter. Maintenance on a washable filter requires soap and water to wash the filter and letting it completely dry before reinstalling it. If you install it before it completely dries, you run the risk of mildew and mold growth.

Pleated Filters

A pleated filter offers high-efficiency results by trapping particulates 0.3 micron in size, such as bacteria and viruses. Pleated filters are more efficient and last longer compared to fiberglass/synthetic filters. They eliminate more pollutants from your air without sacrificing airflow within your system.

HEPA Filters

High efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filters provide high-end filtration by trapping up to 99% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Even though they are excellent at eliminating indoor pollutants and create a healthier environment in your home, they can drastically reduce your system’s airflow, costing more money in energy usage.  They are considerably more expensive than the average filter for home use.


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